ABOUT Joseph John

Like to introduce myself as a person who is a Linux/open source user and promoter (My Linkedin Page), have been actively promoting open source in UAE for the last 16 years.

Have been the co-founder for Dubai Linux Yahoo group (Linux Yahoo group), the group is not active now, we have moved to meetup group which is oes-emirates

During these years in UAE, I have been working on Linux and other open source bases solutions, have taken initiative and rolled out enterprise solutions based on Open source. To name few, they are Document Management Solutions, IP-PBX, Cache Server, deployment of Application Server, Content Filtering, Storage Solutions, Virtualization, .. etc.

The experience I gained through such implementation I used it to conduct workshops and training for other IT decision makers.  This workshop we conduct FREE on Saturdays and we are doing it for quite a long time. You can see some of the workshop photos at meetup.com

I am also active back in India. Whenever on visit, I take initiative and try to coordinate with local Linux user group, such as fossclub (http://fossclub.in) and TVM Linux user group.

Workshops and Training conducted


Conducted workshop on Redhat Virtualization using Ovirt


Setting VPN using openVPN, ZeroShell, pfsense, opnsense etc


On setting RAID and trouble shooting it

Backup and Restoration

Workshop / training on rsync, rsnapshot

Document Management

Conducted couple of workshop on how to setup document management using Alfresco, have conducted such workshops in Dubai, Kochi, Trivandrum


Conducted workshops in Dubai, Kochi. We had done it using Asterisk, Free Switch (fusionpbx) , and Kazoo